Litte scripts for ganeti admins
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Ganeti Tools


apt-get install python3 xtightvncviewer



Open a vnc console from everywhere (master and nodes).

vmhosta:~# gnt-vnc ex01


Just a nicer summary.

vmhosta:~# gnt-list
Instance  Status     Primary_node Secondary_Nodes ConfigVCPUs Memory Disk/0 Disk/1 NicIP/0        NicIP/1 VNC_bind_address Network_port
dc01      running    vmhosta      vmhostb                   2   8.0G  20.0G      -   -        11022
fs01      running    vmhostb      vmhosta                   4   8.0G 100.0G 100.0G   -          11011
ca01      running    vmhosta      vmhostb                   4   4.0G 300.0G      - -              -          11008
dv01      ADMIN_down vmhosta      vmhostb                   4      - 150.0G  10.0G        -          11001
ex01      ADMIN_down vmhostb                                4      - 130.0G 600.0G -              -          11005


The (pixi-)book of ganeti knowledge. A little collection of the most used ganeti-commands.