Client for Dynamic DNS service by FHD GmbH & Co. KG Website:
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Client for Dynamic DNS service by FHD GmbH & Co. KG

Configure DNS

You want to use FHDynDNS? Fine, ok. Your DNS file should look like this:

; Enter Username and Password here, leave it empty for no access
; you can repeat this line severals times for multiuser access.
; user: 	password: 
; dyndns: *,s3cr3t
; dyndns: @,0therS3cr3t
; dyndns: srv1,5p3ci4lS3cr3t
; [..] SOA and other DNS stuff [..]
@               50      IN      A
*               50      IN      A
srv1            50      IN      A

First you should add the dyndns comments at the top of your DNS file. Please notice the ; at the beginning of each line!

; dyndns: <host>,<password>
; dyndns: *,s3cr3t
; dyndns: @,0therS3cr3t
; dyndns: srv1,5p3ci4lS3cr3t

The host is the beginning of your domain. You also can use some custom character:

want to bind character
all subdomains *
the zone it self @
a specific subdomain "srv1" srv1

In the end you should change the TTL of each FHDynDNS host. 50 seconds in my example.

Local configuration

The conf file is located in /etc/fhdydns.json
Let me explain the simple json config file. By default this file shows like this:

  "logfile": "/var/log/fhdyndns.log",
  "interval": 5,
  "zones": {
    "": {
      "*": "s3cr3t",
      "@": "0therS3cr3t",
      "srv1": "5p3ci4lS3cr3t"

logfile explained it self. The interval in minutes defined the interval of binding ip address to server.

Each zone can have unlimited hosts. Each host need a password witch is setting in the DNS file (Configure DNS). Easy syntax:

<host> : <password>
"*": "s3cr3t",
"@": "0therS3cr3t"